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10592 km: Roberto Barrios, "The Caracol That Speaks for All" Photos

Now in Zapatista Territory

Two guards watch the entrance to the Carocol and control all trafic.

Beautiful murals adorn many walls in Caracoles. All are very symbolic.

A close-up of the mural shows a dark man taking oil from the corn field, while the man's plate is empty.

The womans craft collective.

Here we are in the Womans Collective

Enjoying a dip in the river.

Rob and I climbed up to the water fall.

A howler group of howler monkeys came through the Caracol.

Enjoying our evening meal.

This classroom is also used for meetings. It is here that we met the Education Promoters.

In our meeting with the Education Promoters

Our hosts

Rob relaxing in a hammock.

I joined in an evening basketball game.