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Thisted - Model Community in Renewable Energy Photos

Biogas Facility in Lemvig, which is not actually in Thisted Municipality, but operates on the same principal as other plants. We toured this facility with Rob's Parents. It produces 16.5 GWh electricity and 20 GWh heat per year (Combined Heat and Power) for the nearby town of Lemvig.

Rob, his parents and Thea looking at the digester tanks of the Lemvig Biogas Plant.

Two of the 252 wind turbines in the region.

Rob and I.

Here is a small farm biogas digester unit. I believe that this is conection a 55 kW natural gas cat engine.

The same farmer is upgrading to a larger digester, and plans to start taking manure from his neighbours. I think that this new engine is a MANN 200 kW.

Here I am taking some video footage of the new biogas system.

Melissa, myself and Rob at the European Solar Prize awards in Berlin

Preben Maegaard, the director of the Folkecenter

Trainees and Volunteers from the Folkecenter at the Awards Ceremony

Here I am in front of a nacelle of a 2 MW Vestas wind turbine being installed very close to the Folkecenter.

This map of Denmark shows the large biogas installations across the country

European Solar Prize

Here is a straw bale heating plant. The hot water from the straw boiler is circulated to the town to provide domestic hot water and space heating to the residents.

This is a map of the Thisted Municipality, located in the northwest corner of Denmark.

Even cows like the wind turbines.