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A Windy Excursion with Rob's Parents Photos


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Michelle and Thea at the base of a large beautiful wind turbine. "Rob, I want one of these for my birthday!"

The National Large Wind Test facility. A Vestas 5MW prototype in the background.

Another Shot of the Nation test site.

A coastal wind farm that is owned half by the community and half by a chemical company. The chemical company is trying to look green because of local opposition.


Crossing the fjord

Hanstholm wind shack. Turning on the air brakes so we can climb this monster!

Thea getting into her coveralls.

The Hanstholm wind turbine through the glass of the shack.

Rob on his way up!

Michelle at the base of the turbine. Notice the large power cables to the left!

Rob ascending to his renewable energy future.

View from the top of the 525 kW turbine.

Rob explaining the workings of the turbine.

The generator and gearbox in the 525 kW Hanstholm beauty!



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