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Birthday in Berlin Photos


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A tour of the micor brewery where our friend Moritz works

A beer in Potsdamer Platz

Another beer at a micro brewery

The Television Tower is the tallest building in Berlin at 365 meters tall.

Enjoying yet another beer on our first day in Berlin

On our way home on the S-bahn

With a beer for the way home!

We went on a bicycle tour of the Berlin Wall. In the background is a building in the former East Berlin.

Here is one former checkpoint location where tens of thousands of East Berliners flooded demanding entry into West Berlin on Nov 9 1989. It is considered the first place that the wall fell.

All along where the original wall stood are memorial plates embedded into the ground.

Behind me, a remaining section of the Berlin Wall

The guard tower behind me was once active. A guard at the top was ordered to shoot anyone found in the Control Zone, without question.

The Brandenburg Gate is over 200 years old. Until 1989 it symbolized the division of Berlin and Germany; today it is a national symbol of unity.

Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous border crossing

On our bicycle tour

Following behind Rob



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