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Windsmithing- Not recommended on a windy day Photos


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An upclose view of the Uni

View from the top of the tower

Rob and Michelle in the man basket at the top

Repairing the Uni

Wannabe Windsmiths!

Rob preping the P-o-S

Rob and Tupac ascending with the P-o-S turbine

Rob and Tupac approaching the top of the tower

Attempting to install the machine. Unfortunately the insert fitting was too large and the turbine would not slide into the support pipe.

Grinding down the insert fitting

Day 2- Ascending a second time to install the P-o-S

Rob stabilizing the man basket against the turbine tower. The turbine in the background is a 75 and provides most of the electricity needs for NFC.

Installed the Chinese turbine but the bolt pattern of the new insert fitting did not match the original. Could only fasten 3 out of 5 bolts.



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