Travel Journal: World Tour 2008


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Dec 14th 2007
2 and a half weeks to go
Dec 30th 2007
Last day at work
Jan 3rd 2008 The adventure has started
Jan 9th 2008 So the journey begins for real..
Jan 10th 2008 Hong Kong is packed
Jan 13th 2008 Still in Hong Kong, but now colder, only 14 degrees!!
Jan 16th 2008 Back to Europe
Jan 19th 2008 Arrived in Thailand
Jan 22nd 2008 Leaving Bangkok without seeing anything
Jan 23rd 2008 Facing the fears of lizards and mosquitos.
Jan 29th 2008 Ko Chang
Jan 29th 2008 Trat, go to Cambodia or Bangkok?
Jan 30th 2008 Shopping in Hoi An
Jan 30th 2008 Indochine
Feb 4th 2008 Jungle trekking and bicycling in Kampot
Feb 8th 2008 Sick in Pnom Penh
Feb 12th 2008 Trying to enjoy life around poverty
Feb 15th 2008 Thousands of children living at the garbage dump
Feb 18th 2008 Arrived in Saigon!
Feb 21st 2008 Mekong Delta
Feb 22nd 2008 Back in Saigon
Feb 24th 2008 Staying at luxury hotel in a cool hilltop city
Feb 26th 2008 The perfect internet
Mar 4th 2008 Hue
Mar 5th 2008 Hanoi
Mar 7th 2008 Halong Bay
Mar 10th 2008 Minority people in the cold mountains of Sapa
Mar 14th 2008 The relativily quiet city of Ninh Binh
Mar 15th 2008 Weddings in Hanoi
Mar 17th 2008 Kuala Lumpur, am I in India or China?
Mar 18th 2008 Signed up to a diving course in Borneo!
Mar 22nd 2008 SSI Open Water Certified Diver!!
Mar 27th 2008 Pulau Tioman - paradize island
Mar 31st 2008 Singapore
Apr 2nd 2008 The other side of the world.
Apr 4th 2008 Volcano in Indonesia
Apr 8th 2008 Kuala Lumpur
Apr 10th 2008 Melakka
Apr 13th 2008 Border to Thailand
Apr 21st 2008 Full moon party
Apr 28th 2008 15 degrees and sunny
May 1st 2008 Massage heaven in Shenzhen
May 6th 2008 Last day in Asia =(
May 8th 2008 Back to Europe
May 13th 2008 Back in Uppsala
May 17th 2008 Sweden is empty
Jun 16th 2008 Feeling at home at Stockholm train station
Jun 17th 2008 First time in Scotland
Jun 23rd 2008 Hiking in Vancouver
Jun 25th 2008 Ottawa
Jul 2nd 2008 Jazz in Montreal
Jul 3rd 2008 Quebec City
Jul 14th 2008 I Couchsurfed New York City!
Aug 7th 2008 I love trains!

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