Travel Journal: A summer in Asia


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Mar 17th 2010 The light at the end of the tunnel
May 23rd 2010 Approaching a new journey
Jun 10th 2010 Beijing arrival
Jun 13th 2010 Continueing my world tour of 2008.
Jun 15th 2010 Beijing finished
Jun 21st 2010 Finally outside in Xian again
Jun 25th 2010 A tough desicion
Jul 4th 2010 Cafe Bene
Jul 10th 2010
Half-way to Japan
Aug 2nd 2010 Kuta, Bali
Aug 5th 2010 Walking in Ubud
Aug 10th 2010 Kuala Lumpur - fourth time?
Aug 18th 2010 Short stop in Koh Samui
Aug 19th 2010 Diving again

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