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Walking in Ubud

Written on: Thursday August 5th, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

Second stop on Bali was Ubud. The village of culture in Bali.

After a long walk in the sun with my backpack i finally got a nice bungalow with fan and bathroom. It seems impossible to get cheap rates during high season, but 12 euros felt better than the 24 euros i had to pay in Kuta. The old lady in charge of the guesthouse served me tea and coffee on my veranda when I have settled in. Really peaceful to sit there and listen to the sounds of birds and other creatures from the palm trees with a hint of Balinese music from a nearby temple.

First day I walked through some museums, temples which were not that spectacular. The dinner was better and the best was the traditional dance show at Ubud Palace. Very colorful, different and interesting music from all sorts of instruments I have never heard before. I slept really good that night to the sounds from the trees around my bungalow.

Today I decided to do a lot of walking by guidance of Lonely planet walking tours. This morning I headed north along a river into some rice fields. It started out really nice, but half-way it just turned out to be a long walk along a heavily trafficed road back into Ubud. The second walk after lunch was nicer, but much longer. It said 10km in Lonely planet but it felt longer. Although it took 3 hours as it would. It was also mostly on heavily trafficked roads(motor bikes) but it lead to more distant villages and once and a while through beautiful rice fields. All the time I could see kites in the air that children were running with. The main sights , elephant cave and the rock carvings were not impressive at all. But it was nice to see some tourists on the long walk. At the end i found the small path through the fields that lonely planet suggested which would let me stay off the road for a long while. I found it, but was a bit unsure. The road followed the river but I could hardly see any people on the way. As the path started getting smaller and smaller I thought I would be lost in the balinese fields. After a while I came to a gate which said no trespassing - private property. After walking 30 mins I didn't want to turn back so i passed through the gate and found myself in a luxury resort suddenly. Apparently it must have been built after the guidebook was written four years ago. However the road back from there was really easy and I was happy that I was on the right path all the time through.

Tonight i saw another dance which name was something like Fire and Trance. There were about hundred men chanting a few sequences over and over while some dancers in different customes performed in the middle . Sometimes it felt like watching a real tribe's rituals. It would be nice to go to a real tribe in the forest and see their rituals sometimes =)

Tomorrow I will go to Sanur for a culture festival and some more beach holidays.


From Slotte on Aug 7th, 2010

Så vandrar du, i spåren av "klockrike" var varsam,risfälten är fulla av ormar, nästan som en outbildad " minletare"tar du dig fram/ Välj de säkrade vägarna tala med ortsbefolkningen(någon utbildad i engelska)Ibland undrar jag?...... meddela dig oftare..tack!