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Kuta, Bali

Written on: Monday August 2nd, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

After a few weeks of humid and hot weather in Seoul, I was melting away in my small room I was renting in Hongdae. Hard to sleep at night and lot of activities in and after school left a powerless Michael on the flight towards Southeast Asia August 1. 

The flight was from Seoul to Guanzhou in China for a 5 hours topover (in the most boring airport in the world) and then a night in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia before taking a morning flight to Bali. All in all i was traveling about 30 hours and I was glad when I in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia quite fast found a room in a hotel with a nice swimming pool.

Still I was very very tired from the flights and also from the hot weather in Seoul so I lied down in my room in Bali and took a really nice siesta. Waking up one or two hours later I realised I am on vacation and can just relax as much as I want.

I went for a walk around Kuta. The beach was full of surfers. The streets full of cars, motorcycles and tourists. I was really hungry, but had to take a long walk to find a cheap restaurant. In a small alley a simple restaurant with plastic chairs served fried rice with chicken for 1 euros. From the restaurant I could spot a spa with cheap prices. An hour of massage only for 4 euros! Really relaxed and happy to spend so little money I passed by a hair cut place. 4 euros more and I had my hair-cut done =) 

Really glad after getting hair-cut, massage and food for 10 euros I continued my shopping. I wanted to get swim shorts and towel to be able to swim in the pool at my hotel. And I also found all that for another 10 euros. Everything so cheap!

But on my way home a vendor got me into his shop as I wanted to buy a t-shirt.I found a t-shirt in good size and wanted to buy it. But he had decided he will sell me two. So I give up and start bargaining for two t-shirts. He starts at 100 euros!!! I should have just walked out directly but he was blocking my way.

I had imagined 3 euros so I said 3 euros. He was annoyed and wouldnt let me leave the shop. So he pulled me back in when I tried to leave. After a long while of trying to leave I thought he said 6 euros for both, so I gave him 6 euros. Then he said 16 euro and kept the money in his pocket without giving me the t shirts. So I said I wanted money back but he refused. In the end he said 10 euros for both t shirts. So I took up 10 euros and asked him to give me back the 6 euros i already gave him. But he snapped my money. So I had to stand there for another 5 minutes and asking to get my money back. I wish people would bargain honestly at least... Even in Cambodia and Vietnam people weren't that dishonest and forceful when selling stuff.

So I realise I really shouldn't trust vendors here on Bali. Well I learnt the same lesson in Cambodia 2008. But it is good to get a reminder once and a while.

 This was the first day of my monthly trip through Bali, Malaysia and Thailand as a relaxing holiday on islands before starting school in Seoul September 1. I'll upload pictures later.


From Calle on Aug 2nd, 2010

1969 hände( Mallorca) detta mig: Ett par / kvinna man,satte en Apa på min axel,tog kort och nämnde ett pris/ Jag sa: kortet är dåligt!De slet pengarna ur mina händerna/Jag ropade på polis,de sprang sin väg fort/ LEDIG!!!

From Calle on Aug 4th, 2010

Om du har vägarna förbi Jakarta? Så finns vänner till mig på Facebook ,de är väldigt vänliga.... Apropå på de anonyma fega? Måste vara djupt störda?

From kris31 on Aug 4th, 2010

je déteste ce genre de chose et comme je suis un peu latine sur les bords, si on ne me respecte pas, je monte la voix et je fais demi-tour en disant que j'appelle la police et je monte la voix toujours en criant police police ! il a du voir que tu étais gentil !