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Half-way to Japan

Written on: Saturday July 10th, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

Last week-end I went to Korea's second biggest city, Busan. It lies on the south-east coast of Korea, next to Japan. Being a coast city, smaller than the capital Seoul it somehows reminds me of Gothenburg. The life seems to be a little bit less hectic in Busan than Seoul

As Japan is famous far raw fish, as is Busan. At the ground floor in fish market were tons of living fish waiting to be eaten up by tourists. At the second floor I had a huge dinner of raw fish, rice and green leaves. It felt really fresh and healthy to eat and meanwhile enjoying a great view of the sea through the windows.

The rest of the time in Busan I visited Busan Tower, music museum and a park with a lighthouse on a cliff next to the sea. All that was made in one day, cause on Sunday it was raining all day. Saturday evening I had dinner in a cozy tent area with heavy rain outside. Inside there were families watching TV, eating and chatting. It reminded me of the outdoor restaurants in Southeast Asia with plastic chairs and relaxed atmosphere. Suddenly I felt i was really traveling, quite a contrast with sitting in a global chain cafe in Seoul.

During the rainy sunday I visited Haeunde Beach and the aquarium there. The sharks were cool =)

Other than traveling to Busan I'm mostly studying in Seoul and meeting old friends from Uppsala and new friends from Couchsurfing and from school. I finally managed to change my tourist visa to student visa after two times of fail attempts at the immigration office.

 This weekend I go to Jeon-Ju with school and next weekend Jeju Island. August 1 I fly to Bali, then the islands of east coast Malaysia and Thailand until August 29 when I fly back to Seoul. After scanning through the weather of Asia in August I found that the only places without raining season was Bali and east coast Malaysia/Thailand. I'm looking forward to relaxing days on the beach.


From Calle on Jul 16th, 2010

Underbart att få livstecken från en gediget omtyckt, vida omkring i världen: SON!!! LEDIG!! Jo! 45 dygns spaning på "gänget" Har mynnat ut i en fullständig framgång...

From beini on Jul 21st, 2010

what a wonderfull trip! enjoy it

From Calle on Jul 24th, 2010

Tomorrow? Northkorea leader? Warning Southkorea and USA/ If they attack? NorthKorea will Respond!!! mike.. Skydd!!!! Ledig!

From Mikaela on Jul 26th, 2010

Hi! Lovely! Real nice pics:) Looking forward your Bali pics. Abrazos from your sister:)

From Lukasz on Jul 26th, 2010

Trevlig resa och lycka till!! Hälsningar från Beata och Mumrik:)