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Cafe Bene

Written on: Sunday July 4th, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

Lying in my 3 square meter room sweating like a pig and surfing aimlessly on my new netbook, somehow thinking internet will take me away from the heat in my room. But a bright idea comes to my mind.. I search free wi-fi spots around my house to find a nice cafe to hang out in instead. So, I found Cafe Bene..

On the way to subway station I had passed it every day without knowing whats inside. A really nice cafe with awesome cheap waffles with strawberries and cream and free wi-fi. So finally I get peace to keep writing in the blog I almost gave up when my travel plans changed to just stay in seoul studying korean and history.

I have been in Seoul a week now and am sloowly adjusting to the climate and the culture. Seoul is very crowded, but very clean. Even though garbage bins are Very rare. I can walk around with some garbage in my hand half-a-day until I found a trash can. How can Seoul still be so clean?
   Another surprising thing is entering this asian metropolis and somehow finding it look more like a part of north america than asia. There are so many flashy cafes, shops and restaurants everywhere. On my 10-minute walk to the subway I pass all the international chains. Coffee bean, 2 starbucks, Mcdonalds, KFC, 2 dunkin donuts, and of course endless kind of korean brands. So Seoul is a very fascinating place indeed. Somewhere half-way between asia and america I would say.
   But the best thing is how amazling friendly people are. It is the second biggest metropolitan area in the world but it feels like a small town where everybody help to take care of each other. I don't know if I have ever met such friendly and helpful people as the koreans. Well maybe the vietnamese, which I found out to be the most friendly people so far, in my travels 2008.

But I am still adjusting. It is very hot, even though China was hotter, here is some strange humidity which makes me sweating constantly day and night. In my room I have air conditition, but for some strange reason they turned it off at night. This is however a perfect reason to study hard. If its just hot outside and often raining, there is no better place to be than in a library. Or such a nice cafe as this Cafe Bene I just found :)