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A tough desicion

Written on: Friday June 25th, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

I am often left with two choices which seems to represent the way of my future. And somehow I feel that I quite often choose the wrong choice.

In Xian, while having bad stomach from chinese food I wondered about it was right choice to travel in China in the summer. It was 37 degrees every day in Xian and hot and humid. I couldnt really enjoy terracota army that is supposed to be so great. I was just exhausted by the heat. So while staying in the hostel sick for a few days I wondered if I should go to korea for summer course to do something more relaxed in this hot asian summer. So I sent an email to their office to ask if there is chance for a last minute admission..

Then I forget about those thoughts and continue to Chengdu. Its the first time I couchsurfed this trip and stay with some nice chinese people. I try the spicy sichuanese hot pot! And I also go the panda base to see the famous chinese pandas.

There at the panda base I sit down in the cafe to make a decision. the office in seoul university sent me an email to say that i can come take the summer course if I want. it starts in 5 days... I consider two options.

1) staying in asia and traveling southwest china, vietnam and then volonteering in cambodia. for sure lots of great experience for life. but hard times in this raining season.

2) go to korea and start my new life there. hot rainy weather is perfect weather for studying. i can enjoy an easy life in clean and safe korea.

I chose safe studying before adventure. I regretted for a couple of days. But now one week later it feels like a good choice. I am starting to learn korean and have met so many people during this week.

But Chengdu was a very nice memory of China. It was so cheap and the adventure land lay before me. Still I never know which choice is right. How to find the best  road of destiny?


From Calle on Jul 2nd, 2010

You can go fare, or? deep inside,search for , even open up your heart,follow,follow where ever you are,with varm heart,but? Sometimes? you need that boring days,cool down, wait, and if you wait? Suddely you stand there yourself,suprise all over places/ but always? Study weather reports!!!LEDIG!!!!

From Benjamin on Jul 4th, 2010

Tja! Även om man har olika val i livet är det bra att verkligen GÖRA sitt eget val inte bara följa med. Jag menar att noga fundera på vad man vill göra. Du verkar ha gjort ett klokt val. Själva hade jag tråkigt i måndags med en vecka kvar på semestern och håll på att bli tokig hemma i lägenheten, så jag köpte en biljett till Peace and love och hade bästa festivalen någonsin. Ja, ok, hultsfred 99 kommer alltid att var först och bäst.

From kris on Jul 8th, 2010

peut-être le meilleur choix n'existe pas ! ce n'est pas une compétition ! tu as choisi ce qui te semblait le plus en adéquation avec ce que tu avais envie de vivre (ou ce que tu te sentais prêt à vivre) à ce moment là ! il ne faut pas regretter on apprend de chaque situation ! bon voyage !

From L.E on Jul 15th, 2010

Det finns en mening med allt! Bara att följa med vad livet har planerat åt dig :)