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Finally outside in Xian again

Written on: Monday June 21st, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

50% of travellers get travellers bad stomach within first 2 weeks of traveling - Lonely Planet


I am in those 50%, I always get within first 2 weeks. So I have spent four long boring days in the hostel in Xian. Since it was 37 degrees steaming hot outside it wasnt that tempting to step outside the doors of the air-conditioned hostel. I have been watching movies, world cup, sleeping, listening to music, reading, writing, sleeping, world cup. And yesterday started talking to other travelers at the hostel and socializing a little bit. And I am also really tired of the hostel food right now..

But today I felt better and marched out through the main door to the dusty hot street outside the hostel. Full of people, motorbikes, cars, people shouting, smell of food, smell of garbage. All these things try to fit in in this very small alley outside the hostel.

I made it all the way to Starbucks where I had really nice coffee and muffins and read the local newspapers in english. Enjoying the freedom finally! I didnt plan to much further than starbucks today. But perhaps the coffee gave me energy to continue.

So I saw the main sights in the area, bell&drum towers and muslim area. In the muslim area there was a "great mosque" which looked more like a chinese temple. But the people in the muslim area also looked chinese though. I have heard of so many travelers in the hostel losing different stuff, i-pods, wallets, cameras in this area. So I didnt even bring my camera. But I can say it is a really beautiful area around here. Bell and drum towers had great view over the city. And there were plenty of shopping malls and even a park in the area.

I also managed to by a train ticket to Chengdu for tomorrow. Since I have been sick I treated myself to a "soft sleeper" instead of "hard sleeper". I hope it will be nice =)

Now Im gonna eat even more hostel food and watch north koreas soccer game =)

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From Calle on Jun 21st, 2010

Ett tips! badda kallt vatten på magen,andas djup ut å in upprepa det till du känner att det funkar!Pappa är väl den som bäst förstår detta? Plågats ett halvt liv av magproblem/ Kram!!!

From Tom Q on Jun 27th, 2010

It's awesome that you're on the road again. It reminds me of us wandering around Budapest, eating desserts and going to bathhouses. I miss you!

From Benjamin on Jun 27th, 2010

Skönt att magen verkar må bättre. Du frågade om jag kunde se bilderna och det är inga problem för mig i alla fall. Har varit i Herräng med Ida och har haft cykelsemester i helgen. Tänkte på dig när vi var ute i vid marinan. Du vet när vi kollade på åskan ute vid piren. Det var coolt! Sköt om magen!