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Continueing my world tour of 2008.

Written on: Sunday June 13th, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

In August 2008 I came home from New York after half a year traveling in the world. During the trip I experienced a lot of different things and got new ideas and views of the world. But back in Sweden I realised my experience of travels didnt matter that much. The best for me was to study hard to finish school. And it was. Now when I finished another two years of my program I can once again travel. And even live abroad for a couple of months thanks to IT-department exchange to Korea.

But it is really a strange feeling to be traveling again. Before I left Uppsala I didnt realise that I was going to be away 7 months. I packed in 30 minutes! When I came to Beijing I thought it was not that different from Uppsala so I didnt even then realise I was traveling. Today when I was finished sightseeing for the day I thought: Well now I ll go back to my room in Gamla Studentstaden and relax. Maybe call some friends. And then I realised I am in Beijing, maybe 7000 km away from my room, friends and family. So I went back to the hostel. I am slowly realising I am traveling. I am in China. I can't go home to my room during the next 7 months. It's a strange feeling.

But I have done a lot in Beijing these days. Cut my hair, got chinese SIM-card, met a friend through Couchsurfing, seen tiananmin square and forbidden city, korean food, starbucks, shopping. And my hostel is in a hutong neighborhood. It is like an old chinese traditional quarter with small houses. It looks like mostly not so rich people live here. There is always a smell of food and garbage. But its really nice. Lot of things to see and do.

Traveling is really good. It challenges me against loneliness. I realise how much friendship is worth. And traveling always makes me think about life. How should we live in the best way to be really happy?


From Changchang on Jun 16th, 2010

Hey~ I am glad to see that you are not that"XX" than I thought~n_n~ Hope we could have chance to meet in Sweden.~_^ Changchang (the beijing girl you didn't meet in beijing :p)