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Beijing arrival

Written on: Thursday June 10th, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

After a 8-hour sleepless flight I suddenly landed in Beijing. Being worried of all the people who would hassle me at the airport: taxi drivers, hostel owners etc. I was surprised noone came up to me when I was walking through the airport. After a couple of minutes I stood in the huge hall which was only built for the Airport Express which would take me right into the centre of Beijing in 25 min for 25 yuan (30 swedish crowns). The metro was just as smooth and the walk from the metro to the hostel was a bit long but easy to find and no strange people would come up to talk to me. So in some way it doesn't feel like im in China yet. But that will change now. After showering, lunching and interneting at the hostel for a couple of hours its time to head out into Beijing!