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Approaching a new journey

Written on: Sunday May 23rd, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

I'm in the library of Dag Hammarskjld with a beautiful view of the cathedral and the fall of the river that runs through Uppsala. It is finally raining after a few weeks of hot almost tropical weather. Maybe I am enjoying the last days of fresh air before entering a Beijing with a probably high pollution.

The planning is going well. I have booked all flight tickets:
10 June - Stockholm - Bejing
28 Aug - Phnom Penh - Bangkok
29 Aug - Bangkok - Seoul

Apart from that I aim to only travel with trains and buses where not trains are available. Trains are great, comfortable and environnmental friendly!

I have also taken care of VISA application, hostel booking the first few days, vaccination update and of course collecting money for the trip. I even tried to learn a little bit Chinese, however with not so great success so far. Hopefully I'll learn more during the trip.

I have heard a lot of the world expo in shanghai which seems to be a huge event really worth visiting. I have already been to Shanghai so I'm not so eager to go there. However, I checked the trains and it would be quite easy to go there. It's a 10-hour night train from Bejing to Shanghai and then another 10-hour night train from Shanghai to Xian where I originally planned to go after Beijing. The ticket to the world expo is only 20 euros and it would be so cool to see all the pavillons of the world countries. What a chance to get an insight to the latest development within all countries of the world!

I also decided to skip Tibet since it would be too expensive and too complicated to go there. Instead I will spend some more time in Sichuan and Yunnan which is also surrounded by mountains and tibetan and other hill tribes.

In the end I might go to Yangshou and Guilin which is supposed to be a beautiful region with lot of chances to learn chinese, meditation and other useful stuff before I head into Vietnam. Probably I can take a train from Guilin to Hanoi in the beginning of July.

I have no plans yet about Vietnam other than I will stay there for about 10 days before I go to Cambodia for the volonteering project.

Keep reading this blog if you want to get pictures and news from the trip I start 10th of June!


From ellaC on Jun 5th, 2010

Meta Octavia M Khongwon , are my new friend from Jakarta,she invited you too come and stay for free if you? wan`t?(friend in facebook)

From Adel on Dec 21st, 2015

IMHO you've got the right anrswe!