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The light at the end of the tunnel

Written on: Wednesday March 17th, 2010

A journal entry from: A summer in Asia

Outside it's cold and the snow seems to turn into rain after a three-month long winter. This wet grey-dusky weather outside tells that spring is about to come. The heavy snow that have lay on the ground these three months seems to start melt a little bit, slowly turning into grey mud from the pollution of cars.

This week I have one exam, three projects, three presentations and three powerpoints to do. Overall I'm hopefully going to claim 25 HCTS the coming week. It has been a long winter with hard work but if everything turns out right this last semester I'll just have the essay and master thesis left before graduating.

   I have been studying in Uppsala for two years now since my round-the-world trip. The first time back in Uppsala was hard and I hardly passed any course. It seemed that I had forgotten most of what I had learnt and also become a bit lazy. It was also hard passing all the small home-works and labs without knowing anyone in the class. The class I started in seemed to know each other quite well after two years together and not so keen in talking to strangers. So I started hanging out with couchsurfers in Uppsala which turned out to be amazing people but couldn't help me much in school.
   So I decided to venture into the world of Uppsala student clubs, nations, to meet more students and maybe get into my studies a little bit better. It worked well and I started passing more and more courses. I had to go in the class one year behind to take up courses that I missed the first semester and it seemed also there that I wouldn't get any contact with the class. Although I did some work with students that also weren't part of the class but for some reasons took the classes. We formed a small group to study together which was a big help to pass the exams and I finally started getting good results.
   But one day a girl from my new class came up to me to ask me if I wanted to study with her and her friends. I don't know why they decided to ask me, but I was happy to finally get some contact with my new classmates. I realized quite fast they were all really smart students and they learnt me a lot of stuff I had forgot and hopefully I could contribute with my motivation for studying. Together we helped each other to pass all courses with a good result the whole last semester and after christmas everything had gone so well that I could jump back up to my "original class". 
   Now I have really gotten into studying and it seems that I can pass all the classes I need before I go to South Korea. Today I have two presentations. Yesterday I finished the home exam and two projects. That's why I start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

10th of June I fly from Arlanda to Beijing for one month of traveling and couchsurfing in China. Is it possible to go to Tibet? I will work in a child center in Cambodia as a volunteer in August and the best way to go there is probably through the lovely Vietnam. Finally I can eat a 1 euro Pho for breakfast every morning again.

   A while back I had a skype interview with PSE - http://pse.asso.fr/index.php and got accepted as a volunteer during the summer camp. It's gonna be hot and rainy but an experience for life.