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Written on: Thursday October 16th, 2008

A journal entry from: The Daily Life Trip

Leaving three years of exploring and enjoying life behind me. Is it time to get serious? Well, my exams are flying towards me like a fast-forwarding sunrise. The only way to defend myself is to study as much as possible every day. 

But after traveling for half a year I still have this feeling of always expecting something fun and exciting to happen. It's a really nice way to live the life, but not so good for studying... Today I tried to combine the two feelings and bought a ticket for less than a dollar back and forth to Falun, which is a 2 hour train ride northwest of Uppsala further into the forest. I studied on the train and did an hour or two sightseeing in Falun.

They were really beautiful those red wooden tree houses. And it was quite a big block with these houses. Walking around there I slowly realised I was walking around in the middle of Sweden's heart. It must be from there that the fashion with red wooden houses came from and spread all over Sweden. It was quite unexpected and I found it first after walking around in Falun 15 minutes not knowing what to find.

Coming out from this old neighbourhood I finally find the museum. It felt nice to find something civilized in such a small town (hope noone get offended) and to learn something about Falun. Apparently Falun was the big resource of copper for Europe a long time ago. Satisfied with the sightseeing I got some food in town, studied a little bit in a cafe and took the train back.

That was really good for a 2 SEK(20 eurocents) train ride!


In the evening I went to our regular couchsurfing pubnight, unfortunately I had to spend the first half-hour alone, noone showed up! Almost ready to leave the first few people came at 5h30 and quite fast there were 20 people like usually. so I learned the lesson that the next pubnight will be at 5h30.
It was a good pubnight with a lot of new people, but I felt tired after the train ride and also the feeling that I have to study. So now I'm in the library ready to study some german. Tomorrow is my exam...


I've been missing my blog a bit, I don't know why I stopped writing in it. But it's time to get started again. Try to straighten out that feeling of being lost.

I think I feel more like a stranger now then when I traveled.
The travels changed me and my view of the swedish culture is different now. But I wish I could get an even clearer view of what is swedish culture and not in people. People were so friendly, warm and open in general in America and Southeast Asia.
So I'm starting to believe that Sweden is really unique in that way...


From jd on Nov 7th, 2008

it's amazing that you could keep yourself being free away from the routine only with 2sek!ive gotta learn somehow!