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I love trains!

Written on: Thursday August 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

On my way home from Copenhagen in first class on the train. It pays booking two months in advance, the ticket was only 20 euro round trip in first class!

It was a good trip, I had lots of time to write on my guide over Uppsala on the way down and on the way home I can catch up on this diary and couchsurfing. Wow, the train passed by a big lake with fog on it and a few canoes out there. Most of all the train rides through Sweden are trees, trees and trees. But sometime a beautiful lake like this one come and goes.

In Copenhagen I hosted a coffee meeting at cafe called Roberts coffee. Since it was quite early, 5 pm, only around 10 people made it there. Mostly scandinavians, finnish, danish and me. But also a british girl and my chinese host Yuan was there. It seemed like noone knew anyone from before so it was a rather quiet meeting between shy scandinavians =) But it was still really nice to get to talk with the people that came. After two hours the meeting broke up but half of the people stayed and wanted to do something more. So we followed the only local girl left to a park, got some kebab before and sat down in the really nice park and continued talking more relaxed than before, discussing sauna and languages.

Day two I got up quite late, but took the bus and metro directly to Christiania, that was something I hadn't seen yet in Copenhagen. It is a free hippie community in Copenhagen, where they before could do drugs as they wanted. But not anymore, which I think is good. The houses that they built themselves were very outspaced and it was really nice to walk around in there. The food and coffee was cheap and it felt nicer to be here than inside the expensive Copenhagen. I bought some free tibet and free christiania pins and saw some beautiful pictures of Tibet. I asked myself, Can I go there some day?
Suddenly I ran into Melodie that had been at yesterdays couchsurfing meeting, she had a norwegian french friend with her, and I joined them for the sightseeing. We went to the same park like the day before had some danish dark bread with cheese and ham and talked about the scandinavian cultures vs the french culture. It learnt me a lot of how I should behave when I get french friends. Especially that I should keep in contact with them more not to lose them as friends. In Sweden I think it is quite easy to keep the friends without keeping contact all the time though. But I don't know if that's good..

In the evening my host Yuan was responsible for cooking in her student dorm so she made a fantastic chinese meat stew for all of us. I felt like I had chosen the right host =) And also I found once again that the danish are almost as shy as swedish people, it feels comforting somehow to know that Sweden is not unique in the world about that.
Later at night we saw two good movies,, Poppy Shakespeare and a new Tim Burton movie. After all this traveling it is really nice to just wind down and watch some movies.

Today I took a boat tour to see the major sights in Copenhagen and the sun was strong. The little mermaid is really small, but beautiful, and surrounded by tourists of course. And apparently the swedish prisoners that the danish king had taken in the 16th century dug up Nyhavn for him. It felt strange that that beautiful port had been made by swedish slaves, ha ha..

And now Im just enjoying the train ride home in first class :P

I'm looking forward to continue my life in Uppsala, and hope to meet many new swedish and foreign friends.
I just realised that although I feel quite negative sometimes I basically a very positive view on life.

  By starting out with small easy steps I can take me anywhere I want to in life.