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Quebec City

Written on: Thursday July 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Quebec was a beautiful european city in Canada. It celebrated 400 years since the french founded it so there were a lot of celebrations the weekend I was there.

I started out by making the tour of the wall surrounding the old town, it reminded me a bit of the swedish old town Visby on the island of Gotland with that wall.

Friday evening I took the bus out to the suburb sainte foy to meet my hosts. I found the place after walking half an hour on the same infinite street. They were a really nice quebecois couple and cooked some quebec food for me even though they didnt have any stove yet, since they just had moved in.
Fast after finishing up the food we headed into town to see concerts of the 400 year anniversary summer festival. A punk band called NoFX played and were constantly mocking the quebec audience of them being stuck between their identity of being quebecois or canadian, he solved the problem calling them american, after all he thought they live in North America. Well I dont know much about their identies. But I do know that I missed the national day of Quebec because I was in Canada, and I missed the national day of Canada because I was in Montreal. And I also missed the 400 year anniversary of quebec city because I was on montreal. On top of that I missed the national day 4th july of USA because I was in canada... What a mess!!
At least I was in Sweden for our national day, but I dont remember any celebrating of it...