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First time in Scotland

Written on: Tuesday June 17th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

  I've arrived in Glasgow and my hosts are wonderful, making breakfast, my own room with sheets/towel/map prepared and everything. I hope I can be as good host as them when I go back to Sweden. Today I've been wandering around here in Glasgow seeing the really cool university(looks like hogwarts in Harry potter) and a musem art gallery which was big and nice. I had lunch in a pub. When I walked in the door slammed behind me and everybody was looking at me for a second. It felt like in those old movies when a stranger walks into a pub. and then I realised everyone in the pub knew eachother, just like in a british soap opera. I had a scottish pie with chips which was a REALLY filling meal, now I will be stuffed the whole day.
   It's great to be out exploring again, and in fact now I will go out, since I've been here for an hour now on couchsurfing. And I have found many people to meet now in Canada. It looks like its gonna be a really interesting trip!

Bye bye Europe tomorow I fly to America!