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Feeling at home at Stockholm train station

Written on: Monday June 16th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

  While listening to Pulp through my mp3-player I surf the web at a sidewalk express at the capitals train station. The chair is really comfortable, and infact I've never felt this at home at this sometimes urin-stenched train station. From a reflection in the glass window shielding the monitor I see the symbolic church of STockholm "Tre Kronor".

    Sitting here in my newly-bought Sweden-sweater and a fully loaded mp3-player with swedish music I feel ready for north america.
   I hope to learn a lot about the colonisation period of north america which fascinates me. How can europe destroy and conquer a whole continent? I hope I get to see some aboriginals still left. But somehow I dream that on my way to America the history will rewrite itself so that when I land I stand before a whole new indian culture and world to discover. Like when I landed in Hong Kong half a year ago. I had an asian continent and world to discover. And the culture was really different from Europe. In that way I learnt a lot about myself and europe.
  So in my dreams I'm traveling in this big indian continent. An indian culture that would be just as developped like the asian and european and with big indian cities built with indian architecture. I would be couchsurfing with indian people and learn even more of life by getting their perspective of life.
Wouldn't it be cool?

   But since we went over there and killed them four hundred years ago I will settle with getting to know the ex-european american culture. They certainly seem to be different over there than in Sweden. But I would think a closer country like France would be more different to Sweden than Canada and US. I think we in Sweden have watched too many shows/movies from US so that we are half-American ourselves.

But doesn't it feel like the world is developping towards being like America?
  I'll go find out how Sweden will be in twenty years by going on my time travel to Canada and US!

This will be exciting!

 My travel photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/michael.berggren82