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Sweden is empty

Written on: Saturday May 17th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Like kent sing in a song "no one else can you be as lonely as just right here".
The freedom I had while travelling is slowely turning into loneliness here back home.
While travelling I was excited by being alone and being able to go wherever I wanted to all the time.
And meet new people everywhere I would go.
Strangely enough I never felt lonely during my 4 month trip travelling around alone.
  Until now back in Sweden. And I don't know why. But one obvious reason would be that there are no people out in the streets. It's almost empty everywhere compared to Asia. And it's not as easy here to just walk up to someone and start talking as like when being on vacation somewhere.
And also maybe because everybody are so busy with exams or jobs so not so many people have time to hang out. Like all the people I met in Asia had so much time to hang out. I don't know why.
  And the worst thing I think is that I start feeling again like I always feel in Sweden, that I should have a girlfriend, someone who would be like a centerpoint of my life. But I don't need a girlfriend right now, when I travelled I managed really fine without girlfriend.
  But it's all I think a mix of people not having time to hang out and that lots of people seem to hang out in couples. So the culture pushes me to get a girlfriend not to be lonely.
   But if people didn't feel lonely they wouldn't have to be in relationships as much, and life would be more fun for everyone!

   I recognize this swedish feeling of loneliness that I had so many times before. But I'm not gonna fall for it this time. I know that I managed four months alone without ever having this feeling. If I just keep myself active to make new friends and meet people but also take time to be alone and just write and think or do something i like I will feel fine. and most of all don't think about the past.

Does anyone else feel lonely here in Sweden?


From Athena on May 17th, 2008

how are you guys ? pay attention and know you are back home ! review your profile and happy to read your simple clear article,yes. actually basically we all alone and have difficult for be close and build up a relationship couse by human nature.but we do need somebody around and accompany especially during the weekend ! Admire you can travel alone for four months and I am adriad to start to travel alone by my own ! does it it's gender diffrent ? have a good day ! Athena