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Back in Uppsala

Written on: Tuesday May 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Now I've been here almost a week and I feel somehow accustomed to Uppsala now. Asia seems far away and travelling even further away. I didn't know when I flew in to Europe if I had would have any work. But I did know that I really need more money to continue the trip in Canada-USA in June. And to my relief I've been working since saturday at Dressmann selling clothes like normally. And I think I even have more jobs these coming weeks.

Work, work, work. But I will travel in a month from now again =)

   Right now I stay with my sister until the end of May. And it is great to wake up to go and play with my nieces. I kind of realized when travelling that it is important to be there for other people. Not only live life selfishly for myself to be as happy as possible. Since I have a solid base by living in the swedish society I should be able to help poor people and also be a good friend to people around me.
  In my life I've always thought a lot of myself and how to be as happy as possible without coming up with an answer really to that.
  But if I can make someone else smile today..
Maybe I will smile back?

Ok, finally I've decided to bicycle out to the city forest and take a walk to experience the swedish forest again. One of the things I missed when travelling around. ah, the fresh air =)