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Written on: Thursday May 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

It was a really long flight over the deserts in China and Russia but I finally arrived at Dusseldorf. A growing feeling of excitement and happiness of being home met the fresh air when I left the plane. Never before have I enjoyed the simple thing like fresh air. I went straight to a place selling kebab, before getting to my host. His appartment seemed really big and very comfortable. Outside his appartments the only thing I could hear was birds singing, no traffic... No more noise.

   I've never enjoyed europe that much as the first days back from the trip. Simple things like drinking water from the tap, the fresh air, birds song, the green areas everywhere. IT really seems like a paradise.

However now I'm back working every day and I caught a cold so the paradise disappeared and now I'm tired. And I feel I'm very fast to critisize the culture here. We swedish/european are so different from asians, and I think it will take a while to get used to the swedish culture.  For me asians seem to be easy people to get along with and less ironic than us europeans, so more honest and simple. I think I like simplicity/honesty and just saying what you mean more than being ironic. But me myself I'm very ironic, so I should say this to myself first.

Anyway Dusseldorf was short but very nice.