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Last day in Asia =(

Written on: Tuesday May 6th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

4 months in Asia.
Sometimes it feels like it's too long.  But I know for sure it's not enough.  Next time I have to go to Russia, Mongolia, Tibet, the big muslim area in northwest of China, South Korea, Japan. But that trip would cost a lot more than the south east asia one I just made. 


Loads of fun at night with expats (foreigners living and working here).
Beautiful skyscrapers, especially at night
Exciting to take the metro at rush hour and pushing along with all the chinese,
like if every day was a festival.
By the way I love chinese/asian sense of not being disturbed by walking really close to another person. So after  4 months of being disturbed by people walking to close to me I started to enjoy it and do it myself. It's cool to walk up just behind someone or next to someone and keep walking that close and see that they are not disturbed =)

And Who should I trust when walking down the street, is this person just trying to sell me a watch, some expensive tea or just want to practice their english?
Nice weather at the moment, sunny and 25 degrees, just perfect!
Most polluted air that I have ever breathed. It's dry and  it almost feels to poisonous  to inhale  this air.
Great transportation so it's easy to go anywhere.
And of course I'm gonna miss to constantly having beautiful girls to flirt with in the street or in the metro. In Europe I don't think the girls are going to look back at me like they do in Asia. Well I'm just one of millions of blondes in Europe. Not like here, one blonde among millions of blackheads.

It's going to be awesome to fly back to Europe tomorrow, mostly because of the fresh air.
But a bit sad to leave this exciting Asia. The questions is>

Am I going to miss the noise of Asia (from 7am to 2am) and the fact of always being surrounded by people?