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Massage heaven in Shenzhen

Written on: Thursday May 1st, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

A Couchsurfing-friend invite me to a massage place my first night in China. I was a bit nervous about going leaving my south-east Asia and go to China. Would anyone speak english? Would I get squeezed into the buses and metros so I can't get off?
  From the airport it was easy to get to this massage place, it was the last stop on the airport bus. And she was there waiting for me to take me to the place. Her friends were already there so I was a bit late for the chinese buffet in there. At midnight I had my dinner.. In pyjamas!

  In the entrance I had to put all my clothes in a locker, take a shower and then change to pyjamas. And the shower was the best I had in Asia! A big flow of warm water and there was three big bottles with shower creme, shampoo and conditioner. It was a very welcome shower after the travel from BAngkok that day.
Dinner was so-so and after that we went to our massage rooms. Me and a guy-friend of her and his father went to one room, and the girls went to another room. Unfortunately we had to wait an hour for our massage, and I was so tired I could sleep instantly. Well I tried to stay awake to wait for the 2-hour massage.
   And when the massage started I couldn't fall asleep again, it was really painful back massage in the beginning. But after a while it got easier and I could relax more, and even went to half a sleep for the rest of the massage. After this 2 hour massage was finished at 4 am(!) we could finally sleep. On the massage beds.. They are quite hard!
   We woke up at 11am to go down for our morning foot massage in the most comfortable chairs with each our own flat tv-screen just in front of us, some tea and some fruits. I felt like a king! And foot massage is really good. They push some points on the foot and it hurts, but at the same time it feels really good, relaxing feeling all over the body.
   I couldn't feel more relaxed after this first night in China.
And I Think I needed it, China is loud, people are walking like million of ants without no direction, babies dont wear diapers (they just pee wherever they are right on the floor), people burps/spit wherever they want. But... it's really exciting to take the metro and push with all the people.

Ah now I have to go, the air in Shanghai is really bad, and inside this internet cafe it is even worse, so dry! And on top of that the people around me are doing their best to smoke me right out of here.

See you soon everybody at home!

Written in Shanghai 5 May