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15 degrees and sunny

Written on: Monday April 28th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

So it is 15 degrees and sunny in Sweden... That's great! Here it's always between 30-40 degrees and it is really too hot sometimes.. especially with the massive traffic everywhere, it feels that it makes it even hotter.
  But next week I go back to Uppsala to 15 degrees and cold fresh air. It's going to be amazing to breath fresh cold air again...

  Back in Bangkok, ants in my room, sick from food again, women in hill tribe clothes selling frogs you can play on, thousands of taylors that greet me every time I go in or out from the hotel: My friend, a nice suit for you?

   Scared backpackers walking fast up and down Khao San road, trying to avoid all the salesmen. It's all a big game. Maybe a bit like Frogger? I watched it from the rooftop of my hotel. Tourists spotting a salesmen, trying to avoid him, but he comes up to them anyway, grabs them by the shoulder. A few people stop because they are too polite, and some people just walk faster. Just to find themselves in the arms of the next hassler. I think this Khao San road is a place that drives you crazy.
A big machine to vacuum the money from backpackers pockets before venturing further out into southeast asia. Everyone(95% maybe) is here for tourists money. Fruit vendors, food vendors, hotels, restaurants, taxis, taylors, poor people selling the most useless things just instead of begging, prostitutes, travel agencies, and so on...

   But not in an honest way. The way here is to try to overcharge in any way, or selling fake stuff.


it's a convinient place. Hotels are everywhere, restaurants are everywhere, internet is everywhere, laundry places charing half a euro per kilo everywhere. If you are tired, get a massage anywhere for 5 euros. And if you want to go somewhere, just walk 5 metres to a travel agency and buy a bus/boat/train to an island or another country, and they will take you there within a day directly from your hotel.

And now I'm going to go to a restaurant where they show movies, so that after the food I can just lie down among the cushions and watch movies all night =)