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Full moon party

Written on: Monday April 21st, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Oh I don't know where to begin. Maybe with that the 5 days on a really quite beach far away from the full moon party was really relaxing. Snorkelling, lying in hammock, sunbathing, swimming, eating, reading. And only that, every day. So now I'm really relaxed!

  And now I'm at the site of the original full moon party in Thailand. I was a bit sceptic before of such a touristy thing, thought there would be only swedish people there drinking too much alcohol. But actually I didn't meet any swede the whole night!

   I'm staying with some friends from Singapore in their luxury resort, so it's very nice. Air-condition! Swimming pool.. Very nice =) However during the party I lost them quite fast. Well I know myself, I can never stick to a group on a party. I always want to be free and talk to new people all the time. And since I've been travelling so long, now I think it's so easy to go and sit down next to people I want to talk to. So I met so many people from all over the world. And the party was very nice. I went to bed at 8am! I don't know, the party just kept on, still at 8 am when I went to bed, all the people were still dancing on the beach.

I think this was a really nice experience. And it reminds me of my travelling days in 2002 in Europe with Benjamin. And also it felt like a music festival where you can easily talk to anyone. 

But, now I'm so homesick. I wish I was home already now. 3 months is really enough travelling. I wish I could just be home, work, meet family and friends. And just feel at home.

So that's why I'm coming home 8 May already...

But I'm flying to Canada again in the middle of June, and then I come back to Sweden again end of July.

So I'm going to be home 8 May til 15 June and then forever from 31 July.

Isn't that great? =) 


From Mikaela on Apr 23rd, 2008

It sounds like a really nice night you had there. And i wish i was at that luxury resort as well. I am so happy you come home in may!! We have had some beatiful sunny days and about 15 degrees so it´s perfect timing to come home now. Looking forward seeing you again. Hugs

From Benjamin on Apr 27th, 2008

What a surprise! For some time I thought that you were going to stay there for years. Your diary has been so interesting to read and you have experienced so many new things. But I rekkon the feeling of first wanting to bee free and to get away from everything, see new people and places. And then after that longing for stability and structure. It´s going to be fun to see you again. I have really missed you! Take care.

From Jen on May 4th, 2008

I've been reading your blog since I met you in Jakarta, tho I'm a bit disappointed that you don't write this blog religously (I'm a sucker of reading travelling blogs somehow), this one somehow is the one that touched me the most. As a person who always wanna do things like you're doing now, I always wanna escape from my routine, travel, experience new things, new people... get away from the home I've always been for all my life. You live my dream... but yet, you miss home. I wonder if someday I have the chance (and the courage) to do what you do, will I miss home, will I feel the excitement of going back to the place I call home?