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Border to Thailand

Written on: Sunday April 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Now I'm at the border (but writing this one week later) to Thailand in Malaysia. At first I wasn't going to take this route, because I read about all the terrorism bombings in the border town. And also because of the civil war in the region. So I was thinking of how I could fly to Koh Pan Gan in Thailand for over 100 euro to just avoid the area. But then I met a traveller in Indonesia and she told me she went through this border town with train from thailand, walking over the border and then a local bus from the other side and she said there was no problem doing that.
So in the end I realised it would only cost around 5 euro to travel to Koh Pan Gan this way instead of 100 euro. So I stayed one night in Kota Bahru, went up early, took a local bus for almost nothing to the border town. And the bus was really modern! Not like the half-fallen-apart-bus I took in souther MAlaysia to the train station outside of Melakka. And I the border looked really modern and it took only a couple of minutes to get through. Then I walked to the train station. I asked the security guard (military) if I could buy a ticket to Surat thani, don't know why I asked, but he just smiled and suggested I should sit down and wait for the train. Without ticket. But after a couple of minutes I just went to the cashier for buying tickets and bought a ticket and it worked. I don't know what he meant. I got a third class ticket. So I had to sit 12 hours on a hard seat with lots of people in the wagon. However I had my seat, unlike others who had to stand up for 12 hours..
But the hard seat was really hard and I think it was too painful to even write diary after 8 hours or something. But I maid it through. Took a night ferry to the island Koh Pan Gan, and went really far away with a moto driver to a secluded beach, Mae Haad.

A strange thing in this "dangerous" border town. I was looking for a place to eat, and they had only more primitive restaurants, likely to make your stomach bad. After asking around I found a decent restaurant where noone spoke english.

So a lady in the restaurant waved for me to sit down with her. She pointed at her rice chicken as if I wanted to order the same. Because noone spoke english in the restaurant. And I said OK. After sitting there in silent eating together she paid for the both us and went. So nice to get some hospitality in such a touristy country like Thailand! But I wasn't in a very touristy spot so =)