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Kuala Lumpur

Written on: Tuesday April 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Hi everybody!

I have a cold and just spend the day in internet cafe..
Should I feel guilty I'm not out there sightseeing?
Hmm... maybe, since I'm in a exciting place I dont know much about..

But, I have holidays, so I can just do what I want =P

When I woke up this morning I thought that it is really crazy to go sightseeing every day for 7 months. It's kind of exhausting, to always wander around and look at new things. But on the other hand I like to do sightseeing. I wish I did more sightseeing. But often I just meet people and sit and talk in cafes. And sometimes I meet people to do sightseeing but we end up talking and just walking by all the sights without seeing them. I think I prefer do to sightseeing alone, in my own pace, to fully look into everything. To go to a museum and just read everything and learn.Hmm.. maybe I could go to a museum now. But I'm so tired from my flu..

Well, Kuala Lumpur. I dont know what to say. I havent gotten under the skin of this city at all. But tonight I'm meeting up with some locals and at least I'll see how they are and what they like to do. We're going to a scandinavian food thing tonight =)

But this strange feeling of sightseeing during 7 months, meeting new people all the time, leaving people behind all the time... Surprisingly it's sometimes more exhausting than rewarding. Constantly waking up in different places..
Could I settle down anywhere for a time?
Well the next month I'm going to islands in Malaysia and Thailand and Bangkok. Maybe in China I can find a place to stay a while? I have a whole month, and if I find something interesting to do for a week or two in a place I wouldnt hesitate to stay there missing out on sightseeing in the bigger cities. Maybe some kind of really short-term voluntary work with poor children or something?

I'm missing and looking forward to going back to Sweden to continue my studies. But I know that when I go back to Sweden it is going to feel really empty and silent over there. And also maybe very pressuring with all the school work.

So I guess I should just enjoy these 3 months I have left to extend my experience in life and the world, try new things, learn from other people, to come back as a person more experienced, independent and braver.