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Volcano in Indonesia

Written on: Friday April 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Go to http://picasaweb.google.com/michael.berggren82 to see the pollution in Jakarta ( among the first ten photos you see the view over jakarta, a brown layer covering the city), my walk around the old port and dutch quarter, chinatown. But especially the pictures from my visit at the volcano.

Well not much to say about the volcano, I think the pictures are better. It an amazing sight to see this steaming crater. And it was very nice to deep my feet into 45 degree water down there. It just burnet the dirt off my feet, and they almost came out red like a cooked shrimp.

But the boiling water of 98 degrees was too hot for me... maybe next time.

And I just pulled off the first tick of my life. It was worrying about it, but it was really easy to pull off, once I bought the tweezers.

Actually now I am in Yogyakarta to see some famous temples. I took the train to here from Jakarta, which was a really long but nice ride. Now I stay in a really cheap place, where I share toilet/shower, and only have a small fan, and I have to put up my own mosquito net. But Ive been getting too comfortable lastly, always choosing nice hotels with air conditioning for more than 10 euros. So now its time to get used to budget I think, this place is only 3 euros a night. I just realised that Ive been spending a bit too much money on luxury until now.

And should I even tell you about Yogyakartas dangers?
The 6.3 earthquake that killed 6000 people in 2006 and made many many more homeless..
The big volcano Merapi just outside of here, which is active and have been erupting now and then the last years. But thats ok, they have a guy up there who is sitting at the crater and praying 24 hour for it not to erupt. So it should be fine...
And lets not even think of pickpockets and terrorrists right now.

Actually it's not that dangerous. This was just what I read in a travelling magazine about Yogya on the flight to indonesia.

But I think I would have never travel here straight from Sweden with this knowledge and without these 3 months of travelling around in unknown places for me.
I worry a lot less now about things. Since Im travelling around alone, and mostly because of taking buses around southeast asia. I know that I have to live life to the fullest everyday and never take your life and health for granted.
Every chance I get to experience something new should be taken. And every person that seems interesting should I start a conversation with. Noone lives forever, even though in Sweden I felt so safe all the time so I could easily think that anything can be done tomorrow that I dont dare to do. Because tomorrow is always granted.

I realize that for every person, the days are ticking. One day that passes will never come back. A chance never taken will never come back. And especially for those villages surrounding the volcano here, that risk of getting getting covered by lava any time, I can imagine they can feel the same. No day can be taken for granted..

Now I try to seize every day, every chance, every person, every sunset, every smile.

I hope you understand how I feel


From jonas on Apr 5th, 2008

Vad kul att läsa om dina äventyr. Hoppas att du får uppleva massor av intressanta saker.

From abc on Apr 6th, 2008

Hope you'll be fun;) Miss you!