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The other side of the world.

Written on: Wednesday April 2nd, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Yesterday I crossed the equator by flying from Singapore to Indonesia.
It's really a simple and abstract thing, but I enjoy just the fact that I am on the southern hetmisphere (right spelling?) of the world. I am on the other side of the equator for the first time in my life!

And I like the feeling of being really far away from home in a really unknown place. This also a kind of abstract feelin, but very nice. Maybe one of the best feelings come from travelling.

Looking down from the plane at night my first sight of jakarta was all the boats out on the sea. Their lights made a heaven of stars on the sea. Mysterious, I wonder what they are doing there, fishing in the night?
A bit further I saw more lights drifting on the water. I think it was paper boat sacrifices with a candle inside, also like a sky of stars, but moving...

When the plane came further into the city  jakarta I was the crazy layout of the city. no order, just curved roads in all different directions everywhere, never straight. I saw houses, some cars on the streets. But rather quiet at night time.

From my hosts window here I have a view over Jakarta at night from the 31th floor. Around this area are the shopping malls, hotels and other skyscrapers. Around this area of skyscrapers is a massive city with only low buildings and those crazy roads and sooo many poor people I guess. Apparently 12 million at nighttime and 16 million people at daytime . 4th biggest city of the world. Looking at it from the window amazes me. The only thing I really see brightly are skyscrapers. But beyond, I see a black ocean with some occasional streetlight here and there. Also like the stars up in the sky... 

And I just wonder..

I try to imagine all the people living there.... all the 14 million people...

Well I know what the very rich people living around here do.. They work and go to the shopping malls. nothing else to do..

But what do all those millions of poor people do right now in this black ocean of stars around me? 


From mikaela on Apr 4th, 2008

It all sounds so beautiful! Du skriver så fint! Jag ser allt framför mig fast jag inte har en aning hur det ser ut där uppifrån 31.a vån. Du är en riktigt filosof me! KRAM fr syster

From Jen on Apr 4th, 2008

I think the poor people might have the same idea of thinking but in reverse, what do the rich people do right now? Do they have anything to worry about? :)