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Pulau Tioman - paradize island

Written on: Thursday March 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

I went to Tioman in MAlaysia, couple of hours from Singapore to dive and relax. But I got a flu from all the air conditioning in Singapore so I just lay in my room the whole second day with the fan working hard to cool me off. But it was too hot so I went back to Singapore to get better before going anywhere else...

  The beach was empty when I came, I asked a guy why noone is swimming. He said there was a nicer beach further down, without all the small rocks on this one. But that the water was really nice. So I entered the water and swam around in the 29 degree transparent water, listening to the sounds of the jungle behind the resort I was staying at. No person in sight, just paradise and me.

   At night I watched the sunset falling down into the water from a bar where I had too spicy food but find nice people to talk too all night. The sunset was really amazing... And we were just astonished.
Later someone pointed out a wow again. The sky was covered by stars. And since this was such a natural island with few lights at night the sight was really good.
On the way back home to my chalet I met a big monitor lizard rattling fast over the road. Then some kind of strange hedgehog and a tree filled with big bats.

Well the day after I got the flu and just took it easy. The day after that I went back to Singapore to get better in better environment. No diving, no snorkelling. But I still have a month in MAlaysia/Thailand to get to more islands..