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Written on: Monday March 31st, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

I'm writing this diary a week afterwards and somehow in wrong order, but I'm not travelling around that logical anymore, since I visited Singapore twice this week, but this island stay were in between.
And I just applied for my courses  at university back in Uppsala. It feels great to see the end of le paradize that I've been enjoying for three years soon. One year travelling around and making great friends in and around Switzerland. One year exploring my cultural/musical side with my new family at Skinnskattebergs folkhogskola. And this year working and travelling around all over the world, feeling a bit lost in the world. Like my mother sang to me as a child:

Varlden ar sa stor sa stor, Lasse Lasse liten.
Storre an du nansin tror, Lasse Lasse liten.

 The world is very big, and there are so many people everywhere. It's so easy to make new friends all over the world. And way to easy to loose the contact again. 

Sometimes, or often when I wake up in the morning I feel lost.
Which country am I in?
Where are my friends and family?
What am I supposed to today? What is my mission in this place? Why am I here?

So I wake up and walk around in this big city. Go through one huge shopping mall after another.
Looking at people walking faster than me. Where are they going? Probably they are at lunch break from work.
They work, they go to school. And afterwards they have free time to do what they want a couple of hours.
And they can become my friends and show me their city and culture, show what they do in the free time. How they let time pass by in the evenings and weekends. And when they go back to work. I go.. where?

I continue to pass my seven months of free time. Figuring out the meaning of travelling. Or mostly plan for my next travels, plan for the next place. And try to avoid not to spend all my money. Staying healthy. Staying happy.
Thinking, sometimes too tired too think.

Three months of travelling so far. Last week I've started thinking of what the purpose is with my travelling and I wonder if I can do anything good to other people. Not just travelling around exploiting the poverty in the world to let them wash my clothes, serve my food and so on. And also I wonder about the bigger picture of travelling and life. When going around in all these different countries I try to see similiarities/differences and try to figure out what makes people happy and what their meaning of life is.
It seems that family is very important. But also, I don't know, people actually seems a bit lost here too like in Sweden. But more people around here have some kind of religion and belief of what is good to do in life. Some culture/religion/family rules to guide them on their way. And it seems very important to get married and found a new family. Maybe that's the meaning of life, simple as that.
I don't know...

 Otherwise Singapore is a really hi-tech place. I get lost in the huge air conditioned shopping malls and sometimes don't feel the equator tropical heat here, for hours. People are beautiful, they are a mix of indian, chinese, malays and the rest of the world and dressed in fashion clothes. The cinema is like a fridge. The zoo has lot of cool monkeys. IKEA was nice to visit to get some swedish Gott och blandat and salt sill. My host family was very nice. I've never seen so many indians as in Little India. I've never spent this much money in just a few days since Hong Kong..

And today I fly to Jakarta in Indonesia, 7th April I fly back to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from Yogjakarta in Indonesia.
What do people like to do there?