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SSI Open Water Certified Diver!!

Written on: Saturday March 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

I was somehow dragged along by a friend traveller to take the divnig course. And I was so nervous I think I would die. And constantly thinking of dragging myself out of the course. Just when I learnt how to ski a couple of years ago. It felt like a mission impossible, but the key was the trust to the dive instructor. With an instructor that made me feel safe in every situation I could rely entirely on him.

  I was most afraid of the actual dive down 18 metres in the water. But the skills that we were training at 7 metres and atshallow water was actually more difficult. But step by step we went through all the skills. And after gonig through all those skills it didn't seem to be a big deal just to dive down.
And lots of skills resolved taking out the mouthpiece for a  couple of seconds and do something while only exhaling air. Or getting the mask filled with water and then blow it out with the nose. Or rescue another diver. And they were all very good to feel safer in the water.

Diving was something I never thought I would or could do but now I'm really proud to have taken this once in a lifetime opportunity. The next week I will dive at Pulau Tioman to be able to see some turtles and friendly sharks. That must be amazing..

I feel great, instead of lingering around doing nothing else but sightseeing I took one step into the adventure part of southeast Asia.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Singapore 


From mikaela on Mar 22nd, 2008

Kuul! Du är såå duktig. Jag har läst en artikel i elle om singapore det verkar väldigt fint där. Det finns en gata som heter 39 arab street där ska det finnas en restaurang som heter Little Arabia där finns god arabisk mat och mynta te osv. HA DE B�ST KRAM

From Micke on Mar 22nd, 2008

Okej. Da ska jag ga dit! Myntate ar ju himla gott. Jag flyger om tva timmar till Singapore. Det ar nog dyrt dar. Men jag ska bo hos couchsurfers. Jag saknar er! Fina paskbilder pa feiroz och amell. Amell sag exakt ut som feiroz gjorde nar hon var liten pa en av bilderna. Kanske ar de tvillingar?

From Jd on Mar 23rd, 2008

congratulation ;)