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Signed up to a diving course in Borneo!

Written on: Tuesday March 18th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

So now I'm at Kota Kinabalu on Borneo in Malaysia. This big island that is shared by Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia is a wild place with a lot of jungle and paradise beaches.

   And tomorrow starts my diving course. It was only 150 USD for three days so I think it really is a bargain. Well I'm really nervous but I think this is a changing point on my trip. finally I'm do something  I really don't dare to do, but will do it anyway. And I wonder how this will change me. Maybe I will start to dive all the time? Or I will back out?

B ut I was really scared of skiing before going to Switzerland but at the end I took even the black slopes and enjoyed it a lot. So if I made it once, I can surely do it again.

And also I think I will spend a week in Indonesia in a week from now. Because I am so close to the equator and just have to go to southern half of the earth =)

 Here at Borneo it is very warm and humid, it feels like being inside the adventure swim hall in my hometown, fyrishov. And the food is really exotic and good. Strange desserts, drinks and fruits. And the meals themselves are spicy like in Thailand, but closer to India I think.

I feel that I just entered a path to adventures, and if I will go through these adventures I will be stronger on the other side