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Kuala Lumpur, am I in India or China?

Written on: Monday March 17th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

When I look at people, I have no idea if they are chinese, malaysian, indian or a foreigner. After staying in Vietnam where everybody looked at me cause everyone else were vietnamese it's somehow of a relief to enter this multi culture city. I feel that less people stare at me now.

It is a very modern city surrounded by jungle and it is too hot!
I'm hiding right now in a internet cafe but it is too warm in here too. I think I'm gonna try to walk the streets a bit soon and then hit an air conditioned shopping mall before flying to Borneo tonight.

Yesterday I attented a couchsurfing meeting and I met so many people from different places and I got lots of ideas of where I could travel in this region. I'm even thinking of buying a return ticket to INdonesia to see the capital Jakarta a few days, just because it is so close...

And as always I feel a bit scared and at the same time very curious of entering a new country. I have no idea of the life in MAlaysia but I'm gonna find out the coming weeks. And after 30 days in Vietnam I almost start feeling that my home was Vietnam. So now I feel that I'm travelling once again.

But it feels like it is 40 degrees. although I think it is only 30 or 32 maybe.

Ok, time to go out and explore, a short while before the heat forces me to sit down in the shade again.