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Weddings in Hanoi

Written on: Saturday March 15th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

The last weekend in Vietnam I spent in Hanoi visiting weddings.
Saturday morning I was waken up by loud music from the street at 6am. Then my host family came up to take me down to the wedding. The ceremony was"picking up of the bride" and the bridegroom was supposed to come the brides house to pick her up from her parents. basically it was a photo shooting with all the relatives and the couple. And they even requested to take a photo with me because I was a foreigner. They said it ment luck for them to have a foreigner at their wedding. After the ceremony they tried to take me into the car that was taking them to Haiphuong, 100 km from Hanoi. I had plan to meet different people during the day so I said no and I think that they were very disappointed not to have the foreigner with them for the whole ceremony.

   But in the evening I went to another wedding with a Couchsurfer. And at the dinner there was around 500 people!! So anyone can basically invite anyone, so even I could attend their wedding. Loud music was pumping in the loudspeakers, almost like a game show and in between there were some performances on stage. Instead of a wedding cake they had lots of wine glasses arranged in the form of a wedding cake and poured champagne into them as a ceremony. I was told this was not traditional and that it was a tradition from Europe or US, is it so?

Afterwards we had a coffee amongst couchsurfers and then I was taken back to my host family. 

The morning after I left Vietnam on a flight for Kuala Lumpur.

The 30 days in Vietnam seems now like a strange dream, too real and too far away at the same time.
I made so many new friends there, vietnamese and others.
Will I ever meet them again?