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The relativily quiet city of Ninh Binh

Written on: Friday March 14th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

I have escaped the noise of Hanoi this time to Ninh Binh. A three hour train ride south of Hanoi. I got a hotel room just at the train station for 4 USD (26 SEK) a night which is quite nice. In one hour from now I will take the train back to Hanoi to get back to the family I stay with there. And Sunday I will fly to KUala Lumpur in MAlaysia after one month in Vietnam.

 1st day:

Took the local bus to the national park 40 km outside the town. My hotel owner tried to sell me a tour for 14 USD, but the local bus costed less then one dollar.
  BUT, the bus dropped me of 12 km from the park because I was the last person in the bus and a moto driver wanted 10 USD to take me to the park, I was shocked by his price and went for a lunch instead. After the noodle soup I found a driver for 2 USD that took me to the park. But once at the park  I realised it was a very big park with the interesting sights very far away. The park reception had really high prices. 5 dollar for a bicycle and 10 dollar for a drive moto driver somewhere. So I decided to walk to see the cave where they found a pre historic man who lived 7500 years ago, which was 7 km away.

  It was a long walk on this paved road in the light rain. No person in sight. Only an occasional passing car or motobike. No signs, no information. I was constantly wondering if I was on the right road, because the time passed and I didn't see any sign of the cave. When I passed a lake there were some scary dogs there. But the biggest dog decided to accompany me on my hike and he followed me on my way. I was really happy to finally get a friend and felt at the same time safer to be guarded by a dog in this wild national park,at the same time I wondered if the dog could get mad and attack me. But I decided to feel safe with him like a lifeguard. He kept running around and sniffing the ground and listening for sounds in the forest. But after walking one and a half hour with him I got to a house where another dog scared him away, so I lost my friend!

  Finally after two hours walk I got to the cave where they forty years ago found this cave man, 7500 years old!!

Well, there was nothign special in the cave, and there was just a small sign saying that it was the cave of this cave man.
So I took a short look, because it was getting late and I had a two hour walk back to the park center...

As a rescue from the sky, a car stopped and picked me up. A vietnamese guy who took me all the way to the bus in the village for free. And at the bus there was only one girl inside, the ticket seller. She was very friendly but didnt know much english. I managed to explain where I wanted to go. And I only payed half a dollar. And got dropped off at my hotel. Suddenly I found myself back into civilization.


Today I joined a tour in a car around to a beautiful boat ride around some mountains coming out from the lake with rice fields between the small cliffs and the lake. I will put up pictures on http://picasaweb.google.com/michael.berggren82

But I'm satisfied with the day. And now I'm tired and want to carry on to Malaysia to experience something new.