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Minority people in the cold mountains of Sapa

Written on: Monday March 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

I took a night train to Sapa to escape the noisy Hanoi and entered the cold town of Sapa. Constantly covered in clouds at the time I was there it was very humid and cold. My favourite thing was to get close up to a fireplace and just let the time pass while keeping warm.  I had a really cheap hotel and I think I'm learning how to find cheap hotels now. That's very good for the budget. It was cold in my room too. But I had two thick covers and a fireplace. So I asked the hotel owner to make up a fire every time I got to the room so it was a nice experience to stay there.

  First day I took a hike to the closest village where H'Mong people live. Extremely beautiful walking in the mountains with rice terraces everywhere and cute children running around in their traditional costume. They resemble a bit of the samees in the north of Scandinavia. I put up some pictures on http://picasaweb.google.com/michael.berggren82 in the next days to show you pictures of them and the mountains.

The second day I got a moto driver to take me around to a village much further away and the road there was extremely beautiful too. It was hard to believe my eyes that I was really there watching this scenery. Unfortunately the mist(clouds) came in to make the landscape disappear quite early in the day.
   But the driver took me to a cave at the end of the village where a child rented me a flashlight and helped me through the cave. After walking in there for 10-15 minutes we reached a tunnel which he said was leading nowhere, just further in to the mountain forever. Impressive. Ad then I went back out to take a walk in the village, even though the driver kept rushing me, because he only wants the money, he doesn't care about to show me anything. But at the village he was very helpful in the end and took photographs of me and the minority people. And he could be my interpret. I got to visit one familys house and it was like being back to stone age. Inside this big wooden house they had two fireplaces and not much else.

Well that night I took the night train back to Hanoi to escape the cold, without knowing where to go from Hanoi, because I didn't like the noisy traffic of Hanoi.