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Written on: Tuesday March 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

 Just to summerize Hue.
It  is a nice town with a lot of things to see. Tombs, temples, citadel.

Hm.. maybe I will write more later, but now I'm gonna take the night train to Hanoi. There i will stay with a person from couchsurfing and his family.
Today i bought the ticket to China from Bangkok in the end of April.I finally saw a cheap ticket so I took it.
So now I can go to Beijing! 

I will write more later! 


Travel plan:

7 - 16 March Hanoi

16 - 23 March Borneo, Malaysia

23 - 10 April Malaysia peninsula, singapore, kuala lumpur

10 - 30 April Thailand: Ko Tao, phi Phi Island, Bangkok

1 - 30 May China/Hong Kong

June Canada

July USA

August Back in Sweden