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Shopping in Hoi An

Written on: Wednesday January 30th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

In Hoi An I went to a taylor and had lots of clothes made for me. Suits, shirts and a pair of trousers good for travelling. I was supposed to be taylor made for me, but still I found that lots of the clothes didn't fit too well. Often too big in every direction. So I think I'm gonna try the tailors in China the next time. But the suits were quite alright though!
   i bought some souvenirs, like vietnamese coffee and coffee brewers, chopsticks and put them down in the same package as the clothes and sent them home to Sweden, quite cheap, only 30 dollar by boat for 7 kg.

  Otherwise Hoi An was a cozy town with a lot to see. But mainly I think it is the clothes shop paradise. The perfect place to get some clothes, the way you want them.

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 Travel plan:

7 - 16 March Hanoi

16 - 23 March Borneo, Malaysia

23 - 10 April Malaysia peninsula, singapore, kuala lumpur

10 - 30 April Thailand: Ko Tao, phi Phi Island, Bangkok

1 - 30 May China/Hong Kong

June Canada

July USA

August Back in Sweden