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The perfect internet

Written on: Tuesday February 26th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Today I've been looking for a place to surf internet.
At my hotel I have free internet but it works very badly so I went to search for a internet cafe.
And here in Nha Trang they have internet cafe everywhere. But the first I went to were full vietnamese kids playing online games and shouting really loud, like a kindergarten. So I gave up after a couple of minutes to search for another place.
  After a while I spotted a place that seemed really quiet, a bit smaller than the other one. And no one was shouting or anything. So I tried it. After five minutes came a vietnamese and sat next to me to play online games. Firstly he just sat and watched what I did online. Because the computers are really close to each other. Then he started to play a game with the music turned on really loud so I had to flee once again.
   Well now I found a hotel with fast internet. Only two computers. So I hope I will be able to surf more than 5 minutes now...

   I'm only staying in this beach resort Nha Trang for 2 days, since it is raining.. I have a train ticket for tonight to Hoi An, further north along the coast. It's gonna be interesting to take my first train ride in Asia! Hope I can keep all my belongings even after the train ride though, since there some thefts on the trains. But I booked a first class ticket, sleeping wagon for 17 dollars.

  Yesterday I went to check out Hot springs and mud bath! The mud bath was collective so I had to share the small pool with 4 vietnamese business men, a bit sceptic at first since I was getting close up with 4 guys, not knowing if these hot springs maybe could be a gay hot spot?
   But soon I realised that they were really friendly and spoke good english, and one even had visited the university in Uppsala several times. They were lawyers from Hanoi. So I had an interesting chat with them splashing around in the mud.
The scheme was mud bath, sunbathing to dry the mud, cleaning with mineral shower, bathing in hot mineral water, cleaning with mineral shower. I think it was really good for the skin!
  And I also had bought a ticket for steam bath and massage. The massage was really good, she even used her feet to walk on my back at one point. Then I had a steam bath, a good one with a lot of steam. And exhausted I went back to my moto driver after 2 hours of relaxing. Even though he was not pleased with that he had been waiting for me for 2 hours. He asked me when we drove away if I had had massage. Then he asked me if I did boom boom after massage. Apparently the massage women there also works as prostitutes...
But don't worry. I will never buy services from prostitutes. For a lot of reasons. Firstly, they live a very miserable life, they are forced to become prostitutes because they have family problems and are too poor to survive afterwards. And they all have children to feed so that's why they need money so bad. And imagine the sorrow for the child to know that his mother is a prostitute. And another thing is the high rate of AIDS in these countries. But I think mostly I feel sympathy for them and think that people who buy their services are idiots, because they don't respect them as human beings. Only as a service.

   Well well. Yesterday talking to a japanese on the bus I realised that raining season is also in north Asia. So maybe I  will go to VAncuver in MAy instead. And then fly home from New York in end of july. The flight to Vancouver is only 300 dollars (1900 kr). And I think it would be interesting to see something else than Asia. Even though I like Asia very much. I think the weather is going to be too bad. I would rather enjoy spring and summer in north america. And meet all my friends over there.

I have so many more stories to tell about strange things in Vietnam but I think I'm not going to write a too long diary for you to read.

And thank you everybody who writes comments to me here, I really appreciate to hear from you at home, who I miss very much.


From Benjamin on Feb 27th, 2008

Hi Michael! Too bad that the raining season has started, must be a bit of a bore. Are you not interested of Australia, or new zeeland? I had my first german lesson as a substitute teacher yesterday, it went great, so finally I can collect from the 8 years of learning the dam language! ps. The mud bath story was really funny!ds