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Arrived in Saigon!

Written on: Monday February 18th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Just a small update. I will write more later. Just want to tell everybody that I arrived in Vietnam and that it's great. I'm using couchsurfing to meet a lot of people and it's really nice to meet people who lives here. It makes me feel a part of the city. It's a huge city with thousands of motorcycles everywhere. Really crazy. Very different from poor Cambodia. But the memories of Cambodia lies in my heart. A beautiful country with beautiful people and beautiful nature. Very poor but somehow I can identify with them, I don't know why but it felt a bit like beeing at home. I hope to go back to Cambodia in the future, to see how they develop.

  But now I'm gonna explore Vietnam for a month! I'm very excited and it seems to be a very beautiful country. The north seems a bit like Switzerland...



And I think I'm gonna buy the flight home to Sweden soon. 31 July from Hong Kong to London. Then 31 July in the evening from London to Stockholm, ARlanda. That would only cost 300 euro, 3000 kr. Cheap huh? =)


From Blanca on Feb 18th, 2008

Hi michael! wow! it has been a while since the last time i read your blog, it's amazing how fast you move! I can imagine how do you felt at cambodia, in india it was similar, it's not easy to feel the same once you see the poverty with your eyes and not through the tv. I hope you're fine in any case! Avec les yeux plein des couleurs et des images! GROOS BISOU! ;P un besito, guapo, ¡pásatelo bien! (je ne sais pas si tu pensais aller en India mais si jamais tu as l'opportunité: VA! c'est un pays très spécial)

From Benjamin on Feb 23rd, 2008

It is very exciting to read your stories from the other side of the world. I hope you will have a terrific time in Vietnam!

From I'dea on Feb 23rd, 2008

As you haven't uploaded the blog for about a week,if seems that you are likely flow in the present on the road. ;)Glad about that. Wish you a bunch of pleasure on otherside of the earth.""