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Thousands of children living at the garbage dump

Written on: Friday February 15th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

I visited a french centre for garbage dump children today with a french guy.
We took a tour at this wonderful place, it's a big school for these poor children. With a restaurant, hair saloon, massage and much more where they can study "tourism". And it's also like a school for all ages. But also a place where they can come to get one big meal each day.

There are children who lives on the garbage dumps. And their whole families work there. They collect valuable items among the garbage that they can sell. The children collect garbage there from 5 in the morning til midnight. Their mothers work as prostitutes and their fathers also collect valuables among the garbage. The parents force them to work hard all day to earn 1 dollar for the things they collect. If they doesnt find enough things they cant come home that night to eat and have to sleep on the garbage and eat rotten fruits or food that they might find among the garbage, to survive. Young boys and girls, maybe from 3 years and up live this life in Cambodia.
When the garbage truck arrives during the day everybody gets up close to it to collect the new garbage, to be first they all get so close that sometimes they get crushed by the truck. the trucks drivers dont care. The children gets a lot of diseases digging in this huge garbage pile all day, lots of worms who also crawls around in the garbage.

It's the worst environnement I can think of for a child. Maybe it's close to what hell would be?

Well they took us for a tour at this help centre and we saw 2 different documentaries about these childrens lives. And I can't explain the feeling of seeing all this. I feel so sorry for these children and their families. In the documentary the children talked about what they have been through on this garbage dump and a bout the violence from the fathers. how they have been sold to western pedophiles for much less than 1 euro each for one night by their fathers.

But in the documentary they showed how happy the children were when they came to the help centre to go to school and get some food or have parties, play sports and games, take a shower. I have never seen that happy children in Sweden. So suddenly these children shine up and show so much happiness that it makes you cry from what you've seen before at the garbage dump. And they are so happy when they are accepted for going to school. or getting permission to get food from the centre.

It makes me think of the life for children in Sweden. Free food at school several times a day. So many different subjects to learn in school. everything for free. But lots of kids dont care about school, they want to do other things. play video games or just anything else except school. and we complained about the food at the school all the time. and we were miles away as happy as those children are going to school.

I think I should really appreciate what I have, take the opportunities I have. And enjoy all the basic things of life. food, education, take a shower.

But most of all these children were happy to finally get some positive attention from older people. And maybe that is why swedish people generally are a bit depressed. we are too far from each other, it is far too easy to make it on your own in sweden, surrounded by tv, internet, mobile phone.

I think happiness in life is to get love from other people and to give love to other people


From mikaela on Feb 15th, 2008

Usch vad tragiskt! Jag har sett en dokumentär om det där. Det är såå orättvist att vissa ska behöva gå o leta sopor medans andra lever i överflöd. När folk klagar på skolmaten här hemma blir jag såå irriterad det e ju mat och gott dessutom jag har aldrig förstått varför man ska klaga. Det skär som en kniv genom hjärtat när man tänker att små "Feirozar" ska behöva jobba på en sophög. Jag sänder 10000 kramar till dig förstår att det känns tufft att se dem. KRAM din syster som älskar dig mkt..