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Trying to enjoy life around poverty

Written on: Tuesday February 12th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

It is difficult to be happy when kids run around in the streets begging for your money. When you go to see a beautiful temple and you meet orphans-children without parents begging or selling water and postcards.

  When 50 moto drivers meet you at the bus waiting to argue about the three tourists on the bus. To take us to our hostel.47 moto drivers would have to wait for the next bus, for the next 2 tourists arriving.

There are so many cambodians who need money and use the tourists instead of a social welfare system.

So that's why I get ripped off all the time. Why I always pay double or ten double the normal price when I buy something. Why someone trick me to go with them to the sights around town for a way to expensive fare. Because they are very good convincers and they really need the money.

Every 100 meter I walk maybe 5 moto drivers says hello and asks how are you? and where are you going? Everyone says hello to me to get the money in my pocket. When they see me they don't see a person, they see money.

And it really annoys me. Because it's not holiday. It is not relaxing and having a good time. But who can blame them? In such a poor country. With so "rich"people walking around on the streets. They must take the chance. Where else can they get money from? And anyone with a motorcycle can get lucky to get the right rich tourist and maybe earn 55 dollars in two days. Like the one who got me.

 I want to leave poverty.

But do they have a choice?

I think it's good too stay a while to realise how rich we are in Europe and how poor other sides of the world are. Because it isn't quite fair, isn't it? 


From Anna on Feb 12th, 2008

Hej min �¤lskade v�¤n! Jag k�¤nner med dig, och jag k�¤nner med m�¤nniskorna d�¤r i Kambodja. Nej, det �¤r inte r�¤ttvist. Ikv�¤ll ska vi ha �¶ppet hus h�¤r p�¥ skolan. Snart ska vi �¶va in k�¶rs�¥nger och st�¶veldansen, med gummist�¶vlar p�¥. Ska bli roligt att tr�¤ffa lite nytt folk. Min hade en killkompis med sig hit i helgen. Man blir lite folkgalen h�¤r.. n�¤r man tr�¤ffar samma m�¤nniskor hela tiden. Fast jag tycker om de, s�¥ jag klarar mig. Det �¤r j�¤ttebra mellan mig och Eric. Det �¤r ju alla hj�¤rtans dag p�¥ torsdag, s�¥ vi ska mysa. K�¤ka r�¤kmackor och baka paj. L�¤ngtar lite tills dess. Vi l�¤ngtar b�¥da efter att ha det bra och g�¶ra sp�¤nnande och mysiga saker, bara det att mina �¤r lite mindre i ett globalt perspektiv, men ack s�¥ viktiga. Man m�¥ste se de de sm�¥ sakerna i livet. =) Ta hand om dig min v�¤n! Vi h�¶rs snart igen! Varma kramar!