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Sick in Pnom Penh

Written on: Friday February 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Well I'm in the capital of Cambodia. Pnomh Penh. And the first day I got sick in the stomach.  But now a couple of days later I feel better. When I'm alright again I will continue to Angkor Wat, to see maybe the biggest temples in the world.
   But yesterday I just stayed in the hotel room, which costs 4 euro a night, and rested.

But the first day I took a tour with a tuk tuk to see all the sights. It was quite nice. Otherwise it's not a city I would stay in if I wasn't sick. I really liked the countryside at Kampot more.

After Angkor Wat I will go to Vietnam.
And I hope to have some better news from me in the next days. But today I feel much better.