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Jungle trekking and bicycling in Kampot

Written on: Monday February 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

I really liked my time in Kampot, a smaller town in the south of Cambodia.

  The first night I went around with a german friend in town and there was a carneval. Lots of people and everyone looked us like we were aliens. When we sat down in the middle of the street by a fountain some kids came up and laughed at us and the german took pictures of them.And they were very happy to get their pictures taken. A really nice night and everyone smiled at us.

   The next morning we went on a trek up to Bokor Hill Station (see the pictures at picasaweb.google.com/michael.berggren82 ). An abandoned old french town/resort up on a mountain, with a really big spooky casino. Walking around in there I wondered how it was 30 years ago when it was in use. Before the war bombed the area.
   The way up to Bokor Hill was not easy! Up through the jungle. And since I'm very scared of insects it was a really good therapy for me. I became very sweaty and going through bushes and jungle leaves, seeds and insects stuck on my clothes all the time. I really regretted that I went up when I was walking there at the beginning. But when we finally after 7 hours came up I was very pleased to be u pthere staying at the ranger station over night. I hope to upload more pictures from these days. The day after we all took a truck down on the closed bumpy road, it took 2 hours! But we were so tired from the walk the other day.

  The forth day the german left and I rented a mountain bike. I did some arrends around town which was very smooth with a bicycle! And then I bicycled along the river 8 km for Tek Chou rapids (En fors) IT was amazingly beautiful. I stayed at a bungalow guesthouse for a banana coconut shake talking with some people there a while. Then further on to a zoo with tigers /bears/lions/elephants/monkeys which really seemed to just be there. No tourists just a zoo without people and only animals and some local people wandering around. Final stop was tek chou rapids which were really beautiful with the mountains around it. I had a really good coffee there at a cafe/someones house with a bench looking out over the beautiful place.

So far my favourites on this trip is 1. kampot 2. Ko Samet 3. Yet to come

Have to go now! 


From Benjamin on Feb 6th, 2008

Fan va coolt och springa om kring (cykla) mitt inne i Kamboja alldeles ensam. Det trodde du inte for 5 ar sen eller? Vi har i alla fall kommit tillbaka till Sverige efter tva underbara veckor i Thailand. Varken jag eller Ida har kommit in i Uppsala livet an. Ny klass, nytt folk och svensk mat igen. Det kanns som om vi har varit borta i 10 ar och ar har pa tillfalligt besok. Om tva veckor har vi spelning pa Hijazz, forra veckan sparkades trummisen och igar akte sångaren till Kanarieoarna. Tror du det kommer ga bra? Men du, lycka till med cyklen och se upp for mopederna, de är livsfarliga!