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Leaving Bangkok without seeing anything

Written on: Tuesday January 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

10 minutes for writing this diary...

Here in Bangkok I just have been looking for mosquito net for 2 days. I became desperat to find one because I need it for the islands to I'm going to, Ko Samet and Ko Chang. And I realised that the mosquito nets here in Thailand are nog impegranated with mosquito reppeling liquid so it would have been better to find one in Sweden. Much easier... I've been walking all over Bangkok, in all the shopping mall for this simple thing, in a country which has a little malaria left in some corners. Sweden doesn't have any malaria, even though it;s easy to find mosquito net with permathryn in every small town. But anyway after 2 days of constant searching I got an address of a manufacturer with a head quarter in Bangkok. So I went to that address today only to find that it was a big empty space where that building should have been. But I didn't give up. I went further on the street, desperat to find one. Because otherwise I couldn't leave BAngkok tomorrow for Ko Samet. And I want to leave Bangkok. It's too much tourist hawkers who want to bring you in to his massage place, restaurant, taxi, tuk/tuk, shop, suit, jewellry. They want to sell everything, and they are desperate too.

I just want to find a quite place where it is easy to meet other people.

I found an internet cafe and looked again at the address of mosquito net manufacturer. On every site it said the same address I found blank.

But... on the manufactures own website they had a different address, same phone number. Quite close to the other address.

So I went there, I was hungry. And food is cheap and available everywhere. But I just wanted to get the mosquito net first thing. After 2 days of walking around everywhere, no sightseeing. I found the address, and a sign saying Siam Dutch  mosquito net manufacturer.

There was a villa and I walked in and got the impregnated mosquito net, finally, 10 euro!

But I think it would be the only place in Thailand to get one.

Tomorrow I'm leaving to the island Ko Samet!


From jd on Jan 23rd, 2008

hahaha what a funny journey!! it should be worthwhile though. cheers! :-*

From Michael on Jan 23rd, 2008

Yes, it was! Even though I now realised that a solo mosquito net is too small. Because every bungalow has a big double bed, like one big bed. But, I guess it will be ok anyway! :-*